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Personalized Foot Care Services

If you're suffering from a foot problem, turn to Steven D. Plotka DPM. We help patients with finding the source of their issues and treating them. Let us do the same for you by turning to us for assistance with the following:

Heel Pain 

Find the cause of your heel pain by coming to our clinic. To locate the source of your discomfort, your foot is X-rayed by our skilled technicians. We then review the findings with you and all of the services that you'll need to treat your pain. We offer several foot care services to relieve heel pain, including on-site physical therapy and orthotics.


We offer a variety of wart removal options for patients of all ages. When you turn to us for assistance, we match you with solutions that will work for you. Our patients' comfort is important to us, so rest assured that your treatment will be tailored to your needs. You are also provided with a clear description of the service's benefits and drawbacks.

Hands Holding Foot


Bunions can be very painful. However, when you make an appointment with us, you are able to receive treatment that may help decrease it. Our podiatrist, Dr. Plotka, treats both men and women who are suffering from bunions. To avoid surgery, he focuses on taking conservative measures to treat the growth and pain. These treatments can keep bunions from getting worse or reoccurring.

Hammer Toes

Our podiatry clinic also specializes in treating hammer toes in men and especially in women. Women are the majority of those who suffer from this painful deformity due to wearing shoes style that increase friction on their toes. Through the use of pads or injections, the deformity can be treated.

Hammer Toe

Proper Toe & Foot Care for Diabetics

For diabetics, foot and toe care is important. Keep your feet healthy and looking their best with the help of Steven D. Plotka DPM. By scheduling quarterly checkups with us, you can determine in your feet have any abnormalities and treat them. Arrange an appointment with us today!

Diabetic Foot

Podiatric Services

At our clinic in Manalapan Township, New Jersey, Dr. Plotka is happy to assist any person suffering from diabetes with their foot care needs. He has the training to treat all sorts of infections and conditions, including toenail fungus and ulcers.

Accepted Payments

We accept payments from most insurance providers. If you have Medicare, you are in luck, as we accept payment from this national insurance program. For noninsured payments, please contact us for our current pricing details.